Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vikki and other news

I called Vikki tonight. Trevor was getting antsy because I'd been on the phone too long. So, I tried the old "you wanna talk to Vikki" trick? He fell for it. Then, Vikki tried the old, "I'm gonna ask my five year old nephew for advice on getting my baby not to eat crayons" trick.

He hemmed and hawed, but he eventually came up with some excellent advice.

"Vikki," he announced boldly. "You have to tell Jena to stop eating crayons."

Isn't he smart?

In another news, yesterday, my neighbor's 9 month old grandson fell out a second story window right across the street from me. AND HE'S FINE. I'm pretty happy about that last part. He landed on his tummy and missed the air conditioner.

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