Friday, October 24, 2008

ummm...The Backyardigans rock!...

The boys are home from school today, so we've hired the TV and the video games on the little computer to keep an eye on them. I got in touch with the Backyardigans and asked them to keep all 4 sets of their eyes on Devin. They were cool with that. I also asked them to make sure he kept his hands out of his pants, but they assured me they were too cool for that.

Anyway, trying to work from my home office with its close proximity to the Backyardigans and their shenanigans, I can't help but think that the Backyardigans rock!

Go ahead and groove to the Backyardigans!

Guess who called me last night at 11:30? Admittedly, it was 10:30 her time. It was Jacey! My great-niece! But, when my plain old niece, Stephanie, discovered her daughter with the phone, she just said, "Give me my phone!" and disconnected. So, I didn't actually get to talk to Jacey. Or, even to Stephanie. Call me again sometime, Jacey! I would post a picture of her if I had one. Oh, wait, maybe I do. Let me check mom's photobucket...

It's an old picture, but there she is!

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