Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Trevor!

We were experiencing a LOT right around Trevor's second birthday. Devin was a new addition to the household having arrived just about 2 and half months before. We traveled from our somewhat new house in Waukegan (new since March of 2004) to Pennsylvania for Christmas. And, my niece, Jena, arrived the day before Trevor turned 2.

I'm going to have to say those are the reasons why I only have 4 pictures of Trevor on his 2nd birthday. Can I add that I think I'm learning some memorable lessons here?

Those bowls moo'd and baa'd (or barked?) until the batteries died. Oh, and they aren't dishwasher safe. Oh, and who loves mashed potatoes and corn on their birthday??

Trevor, that's who loves corn and mashed potatoes on his second birthday!

Here, Trevor and I delve into the topic of what might have killed the dinosaurs!
(Just kidding, those conversations didn't happen for another 2 or 3 months, at least)

Doesn't he look like a Christmas ornament with that red hair and enormous blue eyes??

I think we let Daddy pick out the cake, but Grandma Roth provided the candles!

And, just to fill out this post...

This is my first day back to work and Trevor's first day back to daycare and Devin's first day of daycare ever.

Just look at this beautiful 2 year old boy!

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