Monday, September 29, 2008

Devin has a friend...

Devin has a friend who lives up the street. She's actually old enough to be his grandma, but he loves her. So, I will call them friends.

Devin likes to do jobs for his friend, from crushing boxes to feeding the bluebirds to whatever it is that she calls a job. He just loves to spend time with her.

He always brings something home from his friend's house. Lately, it's been grape tomatoes and juice.

He saw her twice last week, so there was a lot of talk surrounding this friend for about 2 days. Here are some highlights:

"When I grow up, I'm going to move in with my friend. I will buy her juice."

"I will only do jobs for my friend, not for you."

"I think my friend will ask me to move in with her."

Somehow, I think he wants to marry her. In general, the fact that she has a husband isn't a problem. He doesn't think she'll mind two. But, when I asked what if she does mind having two husbands, this was his answer.

"It's OK. I think he will sintegrate."

I thought I probably knew what he meant by sintegrate, but I asked him to clarify, anyway. He said it meant,

"Gone. Dead."

I shared a lot of what he said about his friend to his friend. I kept that one little bit about her husband sintegrating to myself, though. It seemed a little too "fatal attraction" for a soon to be 4 year old...

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