Monday, July 21, 2008

The new thing

Trevor and I joined a Family Karate Club. It's pretty cool because we both participate. It's like Mommy and Me Karate, and my arms and legs are both sore to prove it! It's pretty neat-o. Trevor sat out maybe 1/4 of the class yesterday, but two of the other moms assured me that's to be expected at 5 years old. The class is 90 minutes long, so sitting out 20 or 30 minutes without complaining seems reasonable to me.

One of the things we do is repetitive punches, kicks or block, and we count in Japanese (or maybe Okinawan) when we do those repetitive exercises. I actually count in English because I can only get to 4 in Japanese. Yesterday when it was Trevor's turn, he shunned both Japanese and English and counted to 10 in French. I can't wait to tell his French teacher about that.

I'm hopeful that we can stay with this. With his memory and his enthusiasm, this may just be the sport for him. He was able to remember many of the Japanese words they use in the class, and he really liked to do face punches.

At the end of the class, Trevor told our instructor "I know a 3 year old who would really like to join this class!" I thought that was pretty cool he was thinking of his brother.

So, it's not t-ball, though he does have those moments at the beginning when he is shy and un-engaged. But, when he gets engaged, he sees to really enjoy it. My hopes are high.

Family Karate Club

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Anonymous said...

I have bragging to every one that my bright little grandson can count in french while he is doing karate. I just loved the picture of Devin. He is just so cute. Love you all, MOM