Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kids are funny

I put on a silk shirt on Tuesday. It was sorta frilly and girly. The computer guy wore an almost too small Penn State shirt. When we picked the boys up from school, BOTH of them wanted to know why we were all dressed up. They thought dadddy was more dressed up than me in my frilly, girly top.

I dropped them off at school today with wet hair. Devin asked why it was wet. One of the other students asked why it was wet (someday I'll drop them off in my just wait). I guess they notice things that aren't normal, everyday. This student, I'll call her A, is very nice. And, I like A a lot. I always say hello to her and she has a very nice smile. I told Trevor how much I liked A. He doesn't like her. Know why? She's always trying to fall in love with him. Those are his exact words.

Trevor is afraid of being kidnapped at night (does that sound familiar, Mom? because it "feels" really familiar) and thinks we should get a security system. He's thinking the one they advertise on Cartoon Network would work just fine. You ever wonder why they advertise things like that on Cartoon Network? Now you know! Next thing, he'll be asking for a medic-alert bracelet, just in case he falls and can't get up...

I'm thinking of having a little contest tomorrow called Name that Picture. I think it will be great fun. You just MUST participate. Get your friends to join, too. K? Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tricia,
I'm looked but not picture. what happen to, you run of of time?
Love MOM