Friday, February 08, 2008

Is the Fire Department coming?

Yesterday after school but before work was over, Devin came into the office and asked us if the fire department was coming. This was enough to cause me to get out of my chair and ask him to take me to the fire that he claimed to have started in response to the question, "why, did you start a fire?"

He took me to the living room to our gas log fireplace. He pointed to the switch on the wall and said, "does that lamp turn on the fire?" I said that it did. He pointed to the light switch, and said, "does that lamp turn on the light?" (I liked the way he called the switches "lamps.") Then he pointed to the fireplace itself, specifically to the pilot light that produces a pretty big flame, and he asked me about that fire. And then, he asked again if the fire department was coming.

"No," I told him. "The fire department isn't coming, but thanks for checking."

I would have kissed him then, but lately he doesn't want my kisses just any old time. Apparently, they are, in his words "inappropriate."

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