Thursday, January 31, 2008

Know what scares me?

When my kids throw up.

I don't try to track down where they got their snotty nose or cough, consigning those things to facts of living. But, I try to track down why their tummies are so upset they must violently empty themselves. Did I give them something rotten to eat? Have they been sucking on fingers that have been God only knows where? Is there something I could have done or is it something I did?

They've both had problems this weeks with "stomach flu" I guess you'd call it. Trevor is Superman, though. Monday night, he couldn't eat, he got sick before bed, woke up ready to go the next day. Just Call him Super Immunity System Kid. He's getting taller, too. Devin, on the other hand, has had a cough since Sunday, and when the stomach flu paid him a visit, it knocked him on his little bottom. Which seems to be getting littler and littler. Call him Standard Immunity System Kid!

Well, it scares me, this. More than other childhood illnesses. I'm not sure why.

The other thing that scares me right this moment is that Spy Satellite that will fall to earth in February or March somewhere in North America, maybe. We don't know exactly where it will land until 30 minutes before it hits the ground. I'm thinking of ways to be prepared...

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