Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm a grrirrrl...

Devin stayed home on Thursday and Friday and amazed me with his quick turn around from puny and pasty to well and energetic. He's staying home on Monday, too, because the school is having an in service day. Oh. My.

Devin had this incredibly cute and delightful moment on Friday.

He came into my bathroom, followed me, you know. And, he picked some chapstick off the bathroom counter. He opened it and started applying to his face. Mostly his lips, but partially his face. He applied it for a couple of minutes and started singing this song:

I'm a grrirrl, I'm a grrirrl, I'm a grrirrl, I'm a grrirrl, I'm a grrirrl, I'm a grrirrl.

He was swaying his hips, and he looked delighted with himself as he swayed his hips and sang his song and did his best impression of a girl.

It was really, really cute.

It almost made up for his 2 sick days. Almost. Not quite.

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Bayou Woman said...

They are so cute! I remember those little boy days. Thanks for the compliment on my frog pic and thanks for stopping by!!! Happy Mommyhood!