Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh, Lord.

Trevor and I talk about death and God, and I'm always surprised that we are talking about either. We haven't found a church. We haven't really looked, either, and I'm a little concerned that Trevor is learning everything he knows about God from a Hindu kid at his school. I've got an open mind, but I'm not sure I want my kid to learn all about God from a Hindu kid. I do want him to learn about God from a Hindu kid, but I would prefer that he has some of his own ideas, first. So, we talk about death and God, and I'm pretty sure he's not going to grow up and become Hindu because the only God I really know is the Christian God. It would be OK, I suppose, for him to grow up and become Hindu. But, 4 is really too young to choose that path when we're not from Hindu. Or, is it Hindi? I'm not sure. I should have him ask his friend. Who may actually not be Hindu but his parents are from India, so I think he is.

Ok, well.

Tonight we were talking about death and God, then marriage, then parenthood sorta. I'm going to take some liberties, but here's the gist of it:

T: "Why doesn't God take your body, too?" (We've had this conversation before so it really did start this way today.)
Me: "By the time you die, your body is old and worn out and it needs to stay on earth so that you can enjoy your time in Heaven better without your old worn out body."
T: "Does it hurt when you're covered in dirt and the worms eat you?"
Me: "No, it doesn't because God has already taken your soul and that's what feels. So you wouldn't feel the dirt or the worms."
T: "I don't want to die and be covered with dirt and deep under the ground."
Me: "You won't die for a really long time as long as you don't take big risks and take good care of yourself. You could live to be as old as your Grandma in Florida. Maybe older."
T: "How do you take care of myself?"
Me: "You drink milk, regular not chocolate, and eats lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats, stuff like that."
T: "I like regular milk! It's better than chocolate!! Devin you should drink regular milk, too!"

T: "Can we move into that house they are building next door?"
Me: "No, I like the house we live in now. It's big enough."
T: "When I grow up, I'm going to find a girl to marry. Is there a church around here?"
Me: "Yeah, I think there are plenty of churches around here."
T: "I'll marry that girl that I find in a church, and then I'll move into that big house with her."

I told him that would be nice. It's all I really want for him is marry a nice girl in a church and move next door to me. I told him I would watch his kids while he went to work if he moved in next door to me. This caught his imagination.

T: "Why are you going to watch my kids when I go to work?"
Me: "It seems like the right thing to do if you live next door."
T: "Are you going to work? How will I pay you?"
Me: "If you have a good job, you can pay me the going rate at the time."
T: "Oh, I know! You can work at Kidsquest and you can watch my kids there, and I will pay you there!"
Me: "Oh, that's a good idea. But, I don't think there's a Kidsquest around here."
T: Pause, Pause, Pause
T: "Oh, I know! Dad can be a builder because he likes to build things, and he can build a Kidsquest!"

He was so pleased with this solution that he rushed to tell his Daddy what he had figured out. Then, he came back outside, and he played like he was the Dad and Devin was his son (we called him Kid and later, Son) and I was the Kidsquest worker. And, he had the best job. He was a Megabeast and sometimes a snake, and sometimes, he went to work with Kid Devin at Kidsquest (that cost extra) and sometimes he took his kid to work, but he wouldn't let him take the Big Risks, and he was really good about picking his kid up every day, and they would go home and play for a minute, and then the workday would start again.

He's a funny kid. Smart, cute, immensely clever. And, I'm really glad he's not a snake because then he wouldn't be my kid. He asked that today, too. "What if I were a snake?" I wouldn't like it, that's what! Bet I wouldn't have to talk about death and God with a snake, though...

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