Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our new home

We are enjoying our new home. It's very pretty here, and there are lots of parks left to explore (we've really only been to 3 now). We went to a lovely one near our house tonight, splashed in the water, and played on the swings and spaceship (slide).

Afterwards, we went for ice cream at the university. It was a little chilly. Maybe even too chilly for ice cream. The boys all got cones, and when things started to melt down, I got bowls in an attempt to salvage the fun. But, it was just too cold, and I'm not sure everyone had a great time.

Still, Devin made time for a memory.

He said, "I want to sit by Dad." Devin is pretty notorious for touching Dad while he is eating and Dad is pretty notorious for not liking that very much. So, Dad and I both suggested it wasn't a very good idea. But, then he said, "I want to sit by my friend, Dad" and we really couldn't refuse him after that...

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mom said...

Its great when you friend is your Dad. And Trevor washing dishes, how lucky can you get. Keep letting him help you just a little bit in the kitchen.
Love you All,
by the way I put a few more pictures up.