Wednesday, April 04, 2007


As you know, Trevor learns a new letter every week at daycare.

T Week was fantastic because there are so many things in our lives that start with the letter T, including Trevor himself. That week, another kid put Trevor's name on the board for the list of T words. Trevor didn't get a word on the board that day because of that name-stealer. But, we corrected the situation the following day, and he got several words on the board.

During T week, his daddy tried to include T words that begin with the TH sound, like The, Thumb, That, etc. Trevor didn't really buy that these were really T words because they don't sound like T words.

During daddy's long weekend alone, which was 2 weeks after T week, Trevor started reciting words that begin with the TH sound. When Daddy asked who taught him Th words, Trevor explained that daddy did a couple of weeks ago.

Applied Knowledge. Proof of brilliance, right?


This week is V week. V words are a lot tougher. I try to give him clues so that he can guess the V word I have in mind. But, V words are just tougher! Another word for winning? Victory. Another word for mean? Vicious. Second in command? Vice-President. These words are just not obvious. I'm not sure that Trevor's Vocabulary is advanced enough to know words like these.

But, daddy had a good word for Trevor. VAMPIRE! This worked out really well. Trevor likes scary things like witches, goblins, skeletons, and vampires. But, he always calls vampires...BAMFIRES! So stinkin' cute. It worked out well because now he says vampire correctly, and he got that big V word on the board yesterday. The passing of the word BAMFIRE, though, does make me a little sad. I'll miss BAMFIRE.

Good Day!

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