Thursday, February 15, 2007

More stuff and stuff and stuff

First off, I think I am done posting about Devin's language acquisition. He still has words to learn and we hope that someday he starts calling Trevor by a name that SOUNDS more like Trevor than like Treasure or Tricia, but he gets it. He has inflection, he can speak in sentences, he is quite funny (and he's the funny police, too, often commenting on what is and is not funny), and he can tell me pretty plainly what he wants.

He likes to ask things like, "What Doing?" (What are you doing?) when I am doing things that would cause a toddler to ask such a question. Or, "Mommy, WHERE YOU?" Or, "FIRETRUCK, WHERE YOU?" He often asks "Where You?" when he is looking for me, Daddy, Trevor, or a lost toy.

My point is, I think he gets language. So, I won't post about it as often as I used to. Or, maybe I will. Who knows? I like having no rules...

What I do want to post about when it comes to Devin are the other things he's learning (or not, as the case may be.)

He is in the process of learning colors at school. Right now, everything is BLUE! My yellow car is blue. That plate is blue. His fork is blue. YOU are blue. If I ask "what color is this?" He answers, "BLUE!" with great enthusiasm. Fantastic. I just love it.

He's getting better at counting, but for the longest time, here's how he counted to 3:
1, 2, 2! And, that second 2 had the same inflection as would a three if you or I were counting to 3. Funny, Funny.

On Obama, I will look for letters. The ones I want to post are those that are very obviously not form letters. Those were exciting to me. The one I have found so far may actually be a form letter. I was sad one day about the state of the country, so I sent Obama a letter asking him to run for president. I like to think it was my encouragement that helped him decide to run. This letter (and I'll post it letter) seems like it might be a form letter thanking me for my encouragement but giving no indication that he would make a bid for the presidency.

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