Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Legend Continues

Once upon a time in a magical land, the Daddy stuck 1 quarter into a crain game, skillfully guided the claw into the middle of the pit of aliens, hit the button to drop the claw and gracefully snagged three green and black stuffed martians. Later that day (or week), he asked me to marry him. I had no choice but to say yes after such a skillful display of toy retrieval.

Seven years later, Daddy's red-headed progeny spied a crain game in a movie theater and asked for 2 quarters so that he could conquer the game on his own terms. Just as his Daddy did 7 years before, Trevor guided the claw to the sweetest spot above the toy pit and then hit the button to loose the claw. In one fell swoop, he retrieved a purple dinosaur and a magenta lobster. With the elegance only found in older siblings, he gave the magenta lobster to his little brother.

The legend continues...

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