Friday, December 01, 2006

Three Little Pigs

I've been taking the boys to and from daycare since I started my new job. It's a good thing. But, Trevor talks and talks and talks and asks me to tell him stories and asks 1,000 questions. It's both lovely and exhausting. Daddy gave me an iPod last year for my birthday, and it has stories on it. So, instead of me telling him a story, I've been letting the iPod tell him a story. Last night, it was the three little pigs.

As I listened to Holly Hunter tell the story in an energetic and entertaining manner, I wondered what lesson could be found in the Three Little Pigs. It occurred to me that the lesson was that little pigs who make good decisions and work hard don't get eaten by wolves.

So after the story was over, I paused the iPod and asked Trevor, "if you were one of the three little pigs, would you build your house out of straw, sticks or bricks?" He responded, "I would be a wolf!"

I guess he gets it about making good decisions.

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