Saturday, December 23, 2006

Pre-School Chivalry

One of the reasons I blog these stories is so that I don't tell them too many times. But, this one, I think I've already told 4 times. I must also blog it because posterity needs this story.

We got back from our Disney World Vacation last night. We were there with another couple who have two kids about the same age as our kids. Their daughter is about 6 months older than Trevor, 10 inches taller, and Trevor may have a little crush on her.

They held hands as much as they could, sat together at dinner, lunch and breakfast, and Trevor once even threw my hand away so that he could take hers. I'm not jealous, really. I was just surprised.

One night, we had dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table which is located inside the castle at the Magic Kingdom. When we walked in, each prince was given a plastic sword and every princess was given a magic wand. Trevor had also been given a button earlier in our trip that said "Today is my birthday" and he wore it most of the time we were there. At one point during the dinner show at the castle, the Fairy Godmother asked if anyone was celebrating a special occasion, and we indicated we were and showed our server the button to prove it. She brought Trevor a sprinkle covered chocolate cake.

After dinner, Trevor used his plastic sword to cut his little birthday cake in two pieces and then handed his friend the larger piece.

It's like, chivalry is not dead. Not even for pre-schoolers.

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