Sunday, December 03, 2006

Every now and then, I'm an idiot...

We invited the babysitter over yesterday so that we could go Christmas shopping and just enjoy an afternoon and evening without the kids. It was great. In addition to monster shopping, we also visited Texas de Brazil, Caribou Coffee, and Cold Stone Creamery.

We also visited Skechers because Daddy needs a new pair of shoes, and I like those little Euro-looking Skecher Shoes.
Daddy was a little concerned they wouldn't be waterproof. I wasn't too concerned about that. I would just ask the little salesperson who had walked up next to us and was looking at getting himself a new pair of shoes what he thought. I handed him the shoe, and I asked if it was waterproof. He took it. He was a little shy for a salesman, but he took it. He looked at the inside, and then he examined the outside.

"Uh, I'm not sure. Maybe. Maybe you can ask that guy over there," pointing to the guy who had greeted us when we came in.

Slightly annoyed with this guy's lack of complete competence, I went over to what I thought was probably his manager to find out if the shoes were waterproof. On the way over to the manager, I thought about some things I had observed.

The first salesperson was looking at shoes for himself. He had a little $10 off coupon just like I was given when I walked in. He wasn't a salesperson at all!

I went ahead and asked the greeter if the shoes were waterproof. He didn't have a very good answer, either. I went back and apologized to nice customer who tried to help me with my shoe question, put the shoe back, went to the Lego store where I nearly lost it as I recalled the way the customer really considered my question and tried to answer it...

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