Sunday, November 26, 2006


Devin had a yummy looking double stuffed potato, so I gave him a fork. He took his pig-in-a-blanket in his hand, shoved the fork in the tasty pastry dog, and ate it like this!

Here's how Devin enjoys Thanksgiving dinner with Aunt Momo. (At least, that's what I think he was calling her.)

And, here's how Devin enjoys S'mores around the traditional Thanksgiving Bonfire (Ok, so the bonfire isn't a Thanksgiving Tradition, but that sounds so nice.)

Here's we are making the traditional Thanksgiving Gingerbread House (see note above regarding Tradition and Thankgiving, please.)

Trevor enjoying tradtional Thanksgiving Gingerbread House candies.

Traditional Thanksgiving Toddler Head Massage

A closeup of our Traditional Thanksgiving Gingerbread House.

Trevor made a new rule. When we take five pictures of the house, we can eat it. We've taken 2 closeups like this so far. So, if you see this house, no photos please.

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