Friday, September 15, 2006

My Little Vacation planner

Trevor had a copy of Wine Spectator last night that he was attempting to use as a ramp. He got pre-occupied with the pretty picture of San Francisco on the cover, though. At first, he thought it was Chicago because of the tall buildings, but accepted that it wasn't when I told him it was actually San Francisco.

He asked how long it would take us to get there because it's his Favorite city now (because of the TAAAAALLLLLL buildings, you see). Then, he opened the magazine to an ad for some resort on a beach and explained to us that on our Disney Vacation, we would be going to this resort, and then we would go to the beach on that resort, and then we would go to San Francisco. He used the pictures to illustrate our upcoming vacation. It was very nice. I asked him about it again, and he went through our itinerary once more. It hadn't changed a bit.

And, San Francisco sounded a bit more like Ham Sabisco or something along those lines.

We can't wait to go on Trevor's planned vacation

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