Thursday, August 31, 2006

Poopy Blog Entry

So, on Monday, Devin had three poopy diapers. As I took off poopy diaper #3, I exclaimed, "3!" And, I had a little conversation with Devin about poopy diapers. He liked exclaiming 3 himself! So, I started asking him how many poopy diapers he had. He would tell me "FREEEE" and hold up his hands like he was showing me three fingers. He was showing me 10 fingers, but I'm calling this proof of concept. He gets counting...

He'll also scurry to the changing table whenever I tell him it's time to change the diaper. He'll start trying to climb on the table. And, on occasion, he'll come to tell me he's poopy and run to the changing table on his own.

This may seem off topic, but it's not. Devin knows who Sponge Bob Squarepants is. He can even sorta say Sponge Bob. We have a little toilet seat with Sponge Bob on it, and every now and then, I'll sit him on it. He gets distracted by the cartoon characters and hasn't gone pee-pee in the toilet, yet.

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